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ifm has three main pillars of what we can do for our customers:

Increase machine availability

Optimise energy consumption


ifm’s goal is to empower organisations with innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs, our capability statement exemplifies our commitment to excellence and proficiency in delivering unparalleled results. Download our capability statements:

Step 1. Connect data from the plant floor

 With our moneo configure tool, IIoT connectors and edge devices, we bridge the boundaries between devices in production and our IIoT platform. This enables you to smoothly collect, analyse, and evaluate data from your industrial plants.

Set Up Your Device

Our IIoT platform makes it easy to integrate different sensors. With moneo configure, simplify the parameterisation, calibration, and management of your sensors for data integrity and accuracy.

Data Transmission

Our IIoT connector allows IO-Link devices and vibration measurement units to be integrated with minimal effort, ensuring secure and efficient data collection regardless of communication protocols or manufacturer specifications.

Data Processing

Our edge IIoT gateways provide pre-processing and aggregation of data before it reaches the cloud or on-premises systems. This ensures only relevant data is sent, reducing network traffic and improving efficiency while increasing data quality and lowering costs.

Step 2. Transform data into information

Benefit from half a century of automation experience. As a pioneer in industrial automation, we’ve created an IIoT platform empowered with real-time data, actionable insights, and predictive capabilities based on our 50 years of experience.

Predictive Insights for Proactive Maintenance

Seamlessly connecting to various industrial sensors, machines, and controls, our no-code IIoT platform provides a unified view of your production environment. By analysing this data, we offer insights into machine conditions, process parameters, and environmental conditions, enabling proactive maintenance strategies.

Connection to OT and IT Systems

Our IIoT platform integrates with your Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems, operating either in the cloud or on-premises environment. We've bundled all necessary software functions in the moneo IIoT core to collect, analyse, and leverage data from industrial environments for efficiency and productivity improvement.

Step 3. Get actionable insights

In Industry 4.0, it’s crucial to gain practical insights from vast amounts of data from connected devices to exploit technology’s full potential. Our IIoT platforms collect unprecedented real-time data, which we turn into meaningful insights for increased operational efficiency, improved decision-making, and gaining competitive advantage.

Industrial AI Assistant

Our AI-based platform detects patterns and anomalies, allowing you to schedule maintenance before failures occur, saving time, money, securing production schedules, and ensuring optimal plant performance.

Shop Floor Integration (SFI)

Seamlessly integrate IIoT data into ERP systems for enhanced transparency in machine condition changes, automatic creation of maintenance documents, enrichment of production orders with real-time data, and standardised creation of material documents and logistics processes.

IoT Connectors

Transmit processed data and calculated values from moneo to other OT and IT systems such as MES or SCADA, ensuring usable insights and seamless integration for improved operations.

Use Cases

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Power Monitoring

Scenario – In today’s competitive landscape, optimising energy usage is essential for businesses aiming to reduce costs, minimise environmental impact, and ensure sustainable operations. However, without real-time insights into energy consumption patterns, organisations may struggle to identify opportunities for improvement.

Benefit – Enter ifm’s Power Monitoring application package–a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionise energy management through advanced monitoring and analytics.

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Compressed Air Monitoring

Scenario – Compressed air is a vital utility in many industrial processes, powering various equipment and tools. However, inefficient use or undetected leaks can result in significant energy wastage and operational inefficiencies.

Benefit – ifm’s Compressed Air Monitoring application package, you can gain real-time insights into your compressed air systems, optimise performance, and minimise energy consumption.

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Ammonia Compressors / Chiller Reliability

Scenario – In the dynamic world of industrial operations, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your ammonia compressors and chillers is paramount. Unforseen breakdowns or performance issues can disrupt production, impact quality, and incur significant costs.

Benefits – ifm’s Ammonia Compressor / Chiller Reliability application package–a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your maintenance strategy through advanced condition monitoring.

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Fan Reliability

Scenario – Fans, whether in ovens or extraction systems, are vital components of industrial processes, ensuring proper airflow and temperature regulation. However, unexpected failures or inefficiencies can disrupt operations and compromise product quality.

Benefits – ifm’s Fan Reliability application package a comprehensive solution designed to monitor and optimise the performance of your oven fans and extraction fans through advanced condition monitoring.

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Pump Reliability

Scenario – In critical industrial environments, the reliability of pumps and motors is paramount to maintaining seamless operations. Unplanned downtime or failures in critical pumps and motors can result in substantial production losses and operational disruptions.

Benefits – ifm’s Critical Pump and Motor Reliability application package, you can proactively monitor, analyse, and optimise the performance of your most critical assets, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximum reliability.

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Trade Waste Monitoring

Scenario – Effective trade waste management is crucial for businesses aiming to minimise environmental impact, comply with regulations, and optimise operational efficiency. However, traditional waste management practices often lack real-time insights, leading to inefficiencies and compliance issues.

Benefits – ifm’s Trade Waste Monitoring application package–a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionise waste management through advanced monitoring and analytics.

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