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Resourceful, digital innovations for water

Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of water plants has been a longstanding focus for ifm. Adding to our array of sensor and automation control technology is the Industry 4.0 moneo platform – a digitalisation solution for the water industry.


Water 4.0

ifm’s moneo solution comprises software, hardware, and predictive formulas – the water industry can begin reaping the benefits of digitalisation without the expense or complexity associated with other solutions. The platform offers a self-service approach to machine condition and health, incorporating intelligent digital twins and machine learning for continuous improvement.


Effortless water monitoring with ifm’s moneo

In the water and wastewater sector, effective condition monitoring of hydraulic pumps is crucial to avoid unplanned breakdowns and production losses. By integrating ifm’s IIoT platform, moneo, sensors on hydraulic pumps can now seamlessly communicate. Acting as a central hub, moneo enhances communication among machines, offering users comprehensive visibility through streamlined data collection and analysis.

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