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Efficiency superpower: How to make better decisions on the factory floor

Every day, operations and management personnel face questions about productivity. Are efficiencies where they’d like them to be? Are production rates and profitability meeting expectations?

If not, a lack of asset visibility could be the problem. And the associated issues – from unplanned downtime to contamination – have the potential to cost big money, or risk causing brand damage in an increasingly demanding, always online market.

Thankfully, “always online” is also a big part of the solution: improving asset and data visibility through digitalisation.

This white paper will explore how a hassle-free approach to digitalisation using an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform can empower production and operations managers to make better decisions for their businesses.

It will address questions like:

  • What can stop a business from reaching its efficiency potential?
  • What does digitalisation mean for an industrial business?
  • Why is an IIoT platform valuable in the factory architecture?
  • What role does AI play in an IIoT platform?
  • Where should a business start with an IIoT platform?

Additionally, this white paper will aim to demystify the perceived complexities surrounding the adoption of IIoT platforms, and explore practical steps towards digitalisation without major disruptions to operations.

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